Mobile English Learning for Kids

English Language
Lessons for Kids

Fun English combines a structured English language course with engaging and entertaining games.

Our learning activities will keep your child occupied while introducing them to English words, sentences, spelling, phonics, reading and writing.

Fun English is designed for kids from 3-10 years old, but older kids and adults will enjoy our English language learning games just as much.


Fun English is for Kids

Fun English lessons are fun games, so kids like to play them. They learn English as they play.

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Fun English is for Parents

Parents can watch their children learning English at home, in the car, or at the park.

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Fun English is for Teachers

Teachers can use Fun English in the classroom to supplement their teaching and incentivize their students.

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Fun English for iPhone and iPad

Our Fun English learning games are great for kids of all ages. The touch screens of today’s phones and tablets are perfect for young learners, and the colorful and bouncy games in Fun English will hold childrens’ attention far longer than flashcards and word lists.

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